New concept and trend of domestic cosmetics

The new concept of cosmetics is based on cosmetics. In fact, the concept of basic cosmetics has a history of nearly ten years in foreign countries. In foreign cosmetic counters, basic cosmetics account for about 30%, beauty cosmetics account for about 30%, and hair care products account for about 30%. The so-called basic cosmetics is to protect the skin before making up. The current trend of cosmetics is as follows:

The first is the trend of naturalization. As long as cosmetics do not contain natural ingredients, there is almost no market in the international market, and pure chemical products will be eliminated in China. Natural cosmetics mainly refer to those containing natural ingredients, that is, adding raw materials or natural ingredients to existing cosmetics. For example, amino acid is a kind of natural ingredient. Amino acid is fermented from corn, sugarcane and other natural raw materials. It is a natural moisturizing and wrinkle removing element. It can effectively repair the natural protection ability of skin and strengthen the moisturizing effect. It is the most natural moisturizer.

The second is the trend of precision. As we all know, the cosmetics industry is a high investment industry, so the cost of cosmetics research in the world exceeds the cost of medicine, and the production of cosmetics and the precision of equipment are close to or more than the precision of medicine.

The third is the trend of serialization. Serialization refers to the serialization of a single variety. For example, skincare lotion has suitable cosmetics according to different oily, dry and neutral skin, different age and gender, different seasons and different situations of users. In the past, both men and women, young and old, used to wear a kind of cosmetics, which will not happen again. Because young and old people with and without spots, oil and no oil, men and women, the skin is absolutely different. In foreign countries, beauty salons have developed to the level of preparing cosmetics for every consumer, and cosmetics classified according to skin have begun to appear in the domestic market.

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